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White Sage

GLOWSTICC™ - White Sage - Premium Masala Agarbathi / Incense

WHITE SAGE Masala Incense by GLOWSTICC™ is used for aromatherapy and as a house air freshener due to their refreshing fragrance, also they are mostly utilized during rituals and ceremonies to purify the premises of negative energy and vibes.

Benefits: White Sage is a ceremonial and healing incense that has been used for centuries by Native Americans. Utilized to purify & cleanse the energy of a room or space. It can also be used to send positive vibrations into a space. When burning white sage, helps clear the air of negative energy and promotes peace and tranquility. It also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. White sage includes substances that cause certain receptors in the brain to be activated. These receptors are in charge of improving mood, lowering tension, and even alleviating pain. It has also been used to aid anxiety & sleep disorders, you can further enhance your knowledge by going through this post.

These are high quality Agarbathis made with hand or to put it appropriately hand-rolled by rural women for whom we aim to provide a source of livelihood. Natural ingredient's such as rare herbs, flower and leaf extracts, botanicals, resins, essential oils, and spices are hand-rolled into WHITE SAGE Masala Incense Sticks which are totally non-toxic, eco-friendly & vegan in nature also no child labor or any kind of animal testing is involved in the making of the same.

Net Contents: 15g/pack

Packing: 12 packs/dozen

Sample Availability: Available

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