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Palo Santo Rosemary

GLOWSTICC™ - Palo Santo Rosemary - Premium Masala Agarbathi / Incense

PALO SANTO ROSEMARY Incense by GLOWSTICC is A wonderful fusion of both spiritual and medicinal properties.

Benefits: Palo Santo smoke is supposed to cleanse negative energy and restore peace and calm emotions when incense sticks are burned. Rosemary is a Mediterranean bush that is now found all over the world. It is revered for its medicinal characteristics such as better memory, digestion, clarity, and protection.

These are high quality Agarbathis made with hand or to put it appropriately hand-rolled by rural women for whom we aim to provide a source of livelihood. Natural ingredients such as rare herbs, flower and leaf extracts, botanicals, resins, essential oils, and spices are hand-rolled into PALO SANTO ROSEMARY Masala Incense Sticks which are totally non-toxic, eco-friendly & vegan in nature also no child labor or any kind of animal testing is involved in the making of the same.

Net Contents: 15g/pack

Packing: 12 packs/dozen

Sample Availability: Available

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