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  • What are the various varieties of incense sticks available?
    Incense sticks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including Dipped Incense Sticks, Hand Rolled Incense Sticks, Cones, Resins, Backflow cones, and Incense Mixture, to name a few.
  • What are the various forms of incense used in India?
    Masala incenses and Charcoal incense are two types of Indian incense:- Masala incense is prepared by combining a variety of solid scented components into a paste and by hand rolling it onto a bamboo core stick. The majority of masala incense is brown in hue. Dip an unscented non-perfume stick into a mixture of fragrances and/or essential oils to make charcoal incense. The majority of charcoal incense is black in colour. Each incense stick is handrolled & handcrafted, mostly by women, in the incense industry, which is a labor-intensive profession & a way of earning sustainable livelihood not only for themselves but also for their families.
  • Is your incense suitable for vegans?
    Yes! Our whole line of products, as well as the components used to produce incense sticks, are vegan.
  • What is GLOWSTICC™?
    GLOWSTICC™ is our in-house Incense brand & is a registered TM in INDIA(appl. no. 5354172), all our incense products sold across the world are under this name. All our products are proudly MADE IN INDIA by rural women, thus enabling them to build a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families
  • Are there any dangerous by-products produced during the production of incense?
    There are no by-products in this process. The principal waste material is dust, which may be controlled with vacuuming and good ventilation.
  • What are some good incense-burning safety tips?
    It is quite safe to burn an incense stick; nevertheless, there are a few precautions to take: 1. Avoid placing an incense stick behind a shelf and only light it in an open/well aired space. 2. As soon as you leave the room, extinguish the incense. 3. If the incense is still burning, don't fall asleep. 4. Always keep the room well ventilated. Smoke can quickly fill the air, causing nausea and headaches. 5. Do not burn incense around a baby under the age of six months. Some materials have the potential to cause respiratory problems. 6. Avoid lighting incense near persons who are allergic to it or who have asthma. It should also be used with caution by pregnant women, Keep incense away from children, pets, and textiles or any kind of flammable material. 7. While the incense is burning, don't touch the incense burner.
  • Do you'll deal in retail or wholesale orders?
    As of now we only deal in bulk(wholesale) orders & not in retail
  • What is the MOQ for Incense sticks & other Incense articles?
    We would request you to fill out the contact us form with your complete requirements for us to assist you in a better way, as an alternative you can also write to us on
  • Are samples available to test the quality & fragrance of your incense articles?
    Yes! samples are available on a chargeable basis.
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